Classical Hatha Yoga

Suitable for all ages and experience. A blend of classic postures, deep stretches and calming breath-work to de-stress the body and relax the mind. Come and join this class to increase your physical flexibility and strength, improve breathing and quiet the mind.

Mandala 2b

Yoga Flow

Simply sequencing Hatha yoga poses in a way where one posture flows gracefully into another. As we explore how our bodies move there will be a focus on correct aligment, posture and breathing as we learn to transition smoothly between each posture with effort and ease. There are pauses for breathwork within a posture, added instruction or teacher demonstration. All abilities welcome!


Yoga for Runners, Cyclists and Walkers

Tailored for runners, cyclists and walkers or even for those who just spend lots of time up and about all day. These classes for all abilities have 4 areas of focus: hips, hamstrings, core and balance. Each class will present a sequence designed to strengthen, lengthen and stretch muscles and the IT band used in running, cycling or walking. Come along to this class to improve your strength, flexibility, coordination, focus and balance. All welcome!